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811 U.S. Rt. 1, P.O. Box 203
Newcastle, Me. 04553.  Phone 207-563-8110


Turn your gold & silver into cash


We are one of the largest, top paying buyers in the State of Maine, for gold, silver & bullion etc. Buying Gold: U.S. & foreign coins, ingots & bars, dental gold, all 10k-14k & 18k gold, class rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, pocket & wrist watches, any broken gold jewelry, platinum etc. Buying Silver: Sterling items any condition, ster. flatware, jewelry, vases, bowls, dishes, c/sticks, coin silv. pcs., ingots, bars, rounds, silver eagles etc. Buying coins & paper currency: Pre 1935 silver dollars, pre 1964 silv. halves-quarters & dimes, Kennedy half dollars 1965 to 1969, Pre 1966 Canadian silver coins.

30 years experience buying coins & precious metals.

Get our price before selling (free gold testing). 

Call for your appointment 207-563-8110.

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Treasure found in top of Maine barn.

        Sold for $143,000.00
Important, as found, Jasper Francis Cropsey landscape over looking Naples, oil on paper on canvas, signed lower left J.F. Cropsey, Naples, 1868, unframed, untouched condition 22"x15 1/2".


Auctions of fine Estate items. Open to the public.

We accept single items or complete estates, for auction, on a commission basis. Call us for our competitive commission rates. We will also purchase items outright. Get an offer from us before you sell!                              
Hope to see you all, at our upcoming  auctions!

Robert L. Foster
Auctioneer & Appraiser - lic No. AR 157
 Andre Drolet Lic #AR 1245    

Bonded, Licensed & Insured

Established in Newcastle, Maine since 1953

Member of Me.Auctioneer’s Association & Maine Antique Dealer’s Association

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Telephone 207-563-8110
Postal address: 811 U.S. Rt. 1, P.O. Box 203, Newcastle, Me. 04553
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Geo. Hartwell folk art ptg.

MVC-083FP (16).JPG (23618 bytes)
Folk Art ptg. by J.S. Blunt

MVC-002FJ (50).JPG (29370 bytes)
Art Deco, dia. & sapphire bracelet

MVC-083FP (33).JPG (15626 bytes)

Ship ptg. by H. Peters "Omega"

MVC-048FH (4).JPG (38923 bytes)
George Nakashima cherry table

 MVC-484F[1].jpg (63205 bytes)


MVC-614F.JPG (20377 bytes)
O/c Anton Mauve

MVC-002Fp.JPG (76963 bytes)
Oil ptg. by J.F. Cropsey, Naples 1864

MVC-135F.JPG (34649 bytes)

prcf1773[1].jpg (5323 bytes)
John Bellamy eagle w/"Don't Give up the Ship" banner

Mustard ptd. & floral dec. Maine Sheraton l dwr. stand 

The fine gilt ramform weathervane had a Vermont history and sold for 36300 to a collector who had a lot of competition
Fine gilt ram form weathervane

MVC-685Fn.JPG (65037 bytes)

Emile Gruppe

Holland & Holland 1922 "Royal Brevis" 20 ga. dbl. barrel shotgun

MVC-127Fn.JPG (92080 bytes)

Mark Aldine

MVC-667Fk.JPG (51697 bytes)
Steinway & Son

MVC-549Fl.JPG (38259 bytes)
Tiffany bronze lamp.

MVC-841Fxyz.JPG (73329 bytes)
1946 Indian Chief motorcycle

MVC-684Fe.JPG (93904 bytes)
Complete set of Morgan dollars

MVC-710Fc.JPG (78514 bytes)

Lionel train set

O/c of schooner "Frank T. Stinson"  by W.P. Stubbs  

MVC-227Fu.JPG (91771 bytes)
129 pc. set of Georg Jensen sterling flatware #19

MVC-859Fl.JPG (43275 bytes)
Ant. 26" brass saluting cannon.

MVC-678Fn.JPG (62265 bytes)
Emile Gruppe

MVC-310Fcac.JPG (47852 bytes)

Full body copper bull weathervane poss. by Harris.

MVC-531Fg.JPG (36400 bytes)
18th c. Chippendale oxbow chest

MVC-423Fm.JPG (88778 bytes)
Ant. telescope

MVC-674F.JPG (33541 bytes)

Ant. Bowie knife belonged to Capt. M.A. Moore

18th cent. walnut Mass. Q. Anne wing chair 

MVC-066Fz.JPG (66004 bytes)
Rare natural early Victorian pedestal wicker table w/ oak top

MVC-065Fg.JPG (57661 bytes)
17th c. tester bed

MVC-677Fan.JPG (47013 bytes)
Emile Gruppe

Very rare hand operated foil phonograph  

MVC-032F.JPG (52043 bytes)
Ant. plaid paint dec. sewing box.


MVC-447F.JPG (53455 bytes)
Classical secretary

Rare 1897 Wakefield Oak & wicker revolving bookcase

MVC-027F.JPG (58753 bytes)
Memorial  portrait on ivory of L.C.S. Foster in gold penant.

Silkwork & w/c school girl stitchwork pc. by Sarah Holmes

O/c of Southwestern scene by W. E. Rollins 

Choice ant. mahg. Hepplewhite camel back sofa 

MVC-415Fk.JPG (75614 bytes)
Onyx cameo with diamonds

wpe1E.jpg (16201 bytes)
Marquetry desk

MVC-430Fu.JPG (87449 bytes)
Fine 7 pc. ant. sterling teaset by Durgin for Bigelow & Kennard

Ant. cased brass transit by W. Davenport 

MVC-540Fy.JPG (15148 bytes)
Rare 32-40 cal. STevens highest grade Ideal target rifle "Schuetzen Special" profusely engrav.

MVC-011Fan.JPG (61601 bytes)
Charles Appel

MVC-663Fs.JPG (49593 bytes)
Liquor cabinet

MVC-825Fr.JPG (84066 bytes)
O/b by Franz E. Meyerheim

MVC-759Fa.JPG (19856 bytes)
Ant. tin toy car

MVC-830Frr.JPG (75800 bytes)
1871 o/c by Franz E. Meyerheim 

MVC-588Fg.JPG (52398 bytes)
Maine grain dec. box

MVC-332Fq.JPG (67850 bytes)
Civil war journal

MVC-459Fh.JPG (68757 bytes)
Northwood Ice Blue bowl

Rare Aesthetic movement bronze curio shelf by Chs. Parker Co. Ct. 

MVC-746Fe.JPG (119727 bytes)
Paper money

1907 U.S. $5.00 gold pc

MVC-709Ft.JPG (78700 bytes)
Ant. 18" cut glass vase.

1854 $1 type 2 gold pc. 

MVC-048FH (10).JPG (23534 bytes)
Paul Evans sideboard

MVC-137F5 (17).JPG (14816 bytes)
Abraham Lincoln signed pardon.


MVC-774S.JPG (52813 bytes)

Gold coin

MVC-109Sp (23).JPG (63760 bytes)

Maurice Day watercolor

62.JPG (53199 bytes)

Patek Philippe watch. 

MVC-007Sg (13).JPG (80121 bytes)

Royal Crown Derby 

car 002.jpg (126105 bytes)

1936 Plymouth 

JA (31).jpg (20111 bytes)
Indian ladle

v (19).jpg (58610 bytes)
L.V. trunk

5 (15).jpg (83533 bytes)
John Hancock
sgn. document

sn 1124.jpg (113079 bytes)
Ipcar $5,200.00