Saturday, November 11, 2017

Early auction at 9:00 a.m. & regular auction at 10:00 a.m.

At Foster’s Auction Gallery, 811 U.S. Rt. 1, Newcastle, Me.

Preview Fri., Nov. 10, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. & morning of sale 8:00 to 9:45 a.m. Sale to inc.: Items from homes and estates in: Camden, Damariscotta, New Hrb. & Newcastle, Me., together w/selected additions. Hope to see you there!! Sale to inc.:

EARLY FURN.: Sheraton mahg. d/l pembroke l dwr. tbl. w/reeded legs, Sheraton mahg. 2 dwr. cookie corner stand, Hepplewhite tapered leg l dwr. stand, Empire mirror, Late Chipp. mahg. & gold dec. mirror w/pediment top, Lg. ant. pine window frame mirror, Chrs. inc. Sheraton/Rabbit ear/18th c. ladder backs etc.

VICTORIAN FURN. ETC.: Ant. grain dec. church pew w/cushion, Lg. ant. oak 3 dwr. counter, Wagon seat w/stick & ball dec., Carv. mahg. ped. base stand w/griffins & paw feet, Slipper chr., Oak fold. dressing screen, 2 Vic. mahg. what-not shelves, 4 dwr. ptd. bureau, Vic. stand, Vint. pail & 2 watering cans, Glass ball & claw foot adj. piano stool, Sm. gold gilt carv. corner shelf, Vic. walnut fire screen, Gold mirrors etc., Rd. oak stand w/floral carv., 77” walnut bench w/mortis/tendon construc., Pr. of balloon back Vic. chrs., Rockers, Trunks etc. CUSTOM & VINTAGE ETC.: Louis XV uph. armchr., Mahg. slant front desk w/2 doors below, Pr. vint. white ptd. stands, Waterfall Lane cedar chest, Vint. 52”h.x27” w. wooden roll front file box, Walnut Morris chr., Uph. medallion back chr., Tilt top pine candle stand, Oak refractory type end tbl., 1950’s chrome stool, Pr. carv. floral dec. chrs., Mahg. piano bench, Oak stand, Sm. 4 dwr. lingerie chest & more.

ACCESSORIES: Ant. mahg. inlaid fold. chess/cribb./backgammon board, Ant. F. Porter #7 Me. pewter teapot, Lg. pr. Federal brass steeple top andirons, Vint. Paine Furn. copy of Federal mirror w/silhouette of Mrs. Harriet Clarke, Vic. porc. & chrome stove light w/matching timer & salt shaker, Ant. French cast iron planter, 2 lg. ant. blk. dec. tole trays w/cut out handles, Standing counter top 3 tier revolv. display pc., 22” dia. yellow wire fish pier basket, Lot Orientalia w/carv. plaq. & teapot etc., Turq. metal 3 faucet hook coat rack, Me. Indian potato basket, Pr. turq. ptd. metal stand. planters & hang. birdcage, 25” w. iron wall eagle, Swing hand. firkin, Ant. copper bed warmer w/engrav. dec., 9 ½” h. bronze of male golfer, 2 red wire swing hand. egg baskets, Kirk pewter coffee set, Pack basket etc., Wedgwood bowl & planter, Iron shackles w/key, Iron “Moose Crossing” sign, Green metal 4 hook wall coat rack, Orient. lot w/Celedon/cloisonne plate etc., Vic. stitchwork “Lord’s Prayer”, Eleph. & lion bookends, Mag. glass w/steer horn handle, Mini. cased folk art birds in tree, Fireman’s speaker trumpet, 18th c. peel, Orient. jade/enam. hand. mirror, Floral carv. mirror, Linens, Box of adv. paper etc., Old baseball gloves/bat etc., 27” metal compass star wall hang., Vint. tapestry w/courtyard scene, 3 bone carv./scrimmed monkeys “Hear no/See no” etc., Indian exotic wood carv. & d/t bone box w/eleph. & lion etc., Doc. box w/opera glass/pewter cup etc., Iron 4 bunny head wall rack, Metal panther, Vic. photo album, Ant. snow eagle & hinges, Stone peach etc., Iron dachshund paper towel hold., Brass urn top andirons, Pr. quality brass museum c/sticks, Gr. ptd. berry carrier, Adv. tins, Copper kettle etc., 2 vint. mixers, Iron & brass mermaid signs, Lg. gold gilt curtain rod w/shell end & wall hanging, Vint. metal sea plane bookends, Mini. canoe paddle w/ptd. Chief, Brass spittoon, Paint dec. fruit box, Paper w/bicycle/Fisk Tires etc., Coke 6 pack, Mini. carv. jade rabbit, Spice chest, Replica tin motorcycle, Iron mushrooms, Blue ptd. country spice rack, Orient. fig. metal man bell, Wash boards, New ornamental post caps. INDIAN: Contemp.: Lg. “Dream Catcher” w/pheasant wings/fur/beadwork, O/c ptgs. of Native Am. villages sgn. W. Templeton, Cherokee drum & 2 Peace pipes, Indian style hd. ptd. planters, 6 Ind. design pottery vases, O/c of Tahza of Chiricahua sgn. Barron, 5 china head Indian dolls, Plaster bust of Indian, 9 Ind. figs. & snow globe, W/c of native woman by Wini Long, 3 Konichi dolls inc. “Owl” by Thompson etc., & more.

GLASS & CHINA: Ant. hd. ptd. French teaset, Sgn. Orient. fig. dragon w/egg teapot, 8” ant. Famille Rose platter, Hummels inc. “Goose Girl” & “Meditation” etc., Nippon ewer w/Mid. East. scene, Meissen porc. lady w/dog, Unsgn. Prussia bowl, Set of Spode “Trade Winds” china, “Phrenology” china head, 18” floral cut glass trumpet vase, Bennington pitcher & bowl, Blown glass pumpkin, Lenox 2 tier shell dish, Edgecomb Pott. vases, Fig. blue/wh. duck casserole, Blown glass dolphin, Cranberry bowl & creamers, Vint. tank teapot, Early glass decanter etc., Art pott. vase w/frog skin finish, Gr. Depress. glass basket, Blown decanter, Spanish teaset, Stemware, Carnival glass, Orient. china, Mirrored vanity tray, Collec. plates, Blown free form sculpture, Mulberry plate, Pott. inc. Georgetown & Hardy etc., Crock & jugs etc.

PAINTINGS: O/c “Farmer’s Rows” sgn. Susan Roux Mc (Mcallister), Folky o/b of owl by Fred Rockwell, Ant. o/c portrait of famous opera singer sgn. S.H.J. 1918, W/c of hrb. sgn. Alice Cushman 19 ¼”x 13 ½”, W/c of woman on balcony sgn. Francis R. Bueel, O/b “Gray Day” by Polly Evans, 2 o/b ptgs. of early houses sgn. AHL (Henry H. Ahl), W/c sgn. Florence Daly of coastal cove w/boat, Pr. ant. rev. ptgs. of Geishas in period frames, W/c sgn. Harry Mackie of Gov. bldg., O/c of lemon & orange sgn. Gusini, Floral o/c sgn. Juan Pedro 23”x35 ½”, 2 Impressionist o/b seascapes, O/b by Thixson of red barn, Pr. o/b ptgs. by Pam Tarbell inc. “Rowboat” & “Blue Hills”, O/b lighthouse, 2 ptgs. inc. o/c of old man w/pipe sgn. Salcas & o/b of swans.

PRINTS: Lmtd. ed. sign. litho. by Alvin Carl Hollingsworth “Don Quixote II”, Kaatz sgn. print of Mallards, Ant. litho. “Boston” 15 ½”x 12 ½”, David Moreno “Neutral Flower” print, Pr. mod. prints sgn. Ethan Harper, Sgn. Umberto Romano litho. “Circus Riders”, Orient. print, Prints ship/puffins etc., 2 sgn. bird prints by Savanna, Frames & more.

SILVER: Ant. Gorham ster. hand mirror, Pr. of 3 branch ster. candelabras & c/sticks, Lot w/cig. holder & stand etc., 3 pr. s/peppers & pr. c/sticks, Lot s/peppers & master salt, 14 spoons & serv. pcs., Mex. ster. cake server & ster. hand. serv. pcs., 16 pcs. of .800 etc. inc. cordials etc., Napkin ring, Coin silver bowl. Silver plated: 21 m.o.p. dinner & fruit knives w/ster. bands, Egg coddler w/swan finial, Ladles etc., Set fancy flatware, Sheffield teapot & redware pot w/silver mounted dec., Trophies, Lot w/ice bucket/tray/bowl etc., Platters & goblets etc., Gold plated flatware & more.

JEWELRY: Gold: 14k pend. w/.15 ct. dia. center stone & 3 blue sapphires, 14k ring w/center emerald & 8 dia. halo, 14k 24” rope neck., 2 14k rings inc. filigree w/2 dias. & pk. center stone etc., Hematite & 14k gold bead neck. w/frosted prec. stone ball, 2 14k necks. inc. emerald/ruby/sapphire etc., 10k ruby & dia. heart neck., 14k link brac., 10k jade ring, 10 filigree pin w/sapp., 2 14k chain necks. & 2 bracs., 14k jade pend. neck., 2 18k necks. inc. dragonfly, 14k jade pend./Ankh cross etc., 2 10k rings inc. poss. emerald etc. Silver jewelry: Tiffany graduated sterling beads, Nice stone malachite brac., Grey & wh. dbl. pearl neck. & brac. w/ster. & pearl clasps, Floral garnet pend., Ruby pend., Genuine oval cut emerald ring, Cross pend. w/11 cut amethysts, 4 pcs. fancy ster. & malachite inc. bee pin/floral pin & pend., Qrtz. earrings w/rutilated tourmaline, Lot w/heart brac./Ind. pin etc., Brac. w/6 garnets, Lot w/lipstick case & mini. chalice etc., Ster. multi strand neck./Ind. bead neck. w/turq. etc., Ind. turq. rings, Lot w/onyx cuff brac. etc. & Indian watch band w/stones etc., Lot w/ster. bangle & brac. & ring w/colored stones etc. Other pcs.: 30” garnet bead neck., Costume jewelry, Beaded garnet bangle, Bone carv. & scrimmed Inro w/turtles, Lg. brac. w/lapis, 5 stone bracs. inc. tiger eye/leopard skin jasper etc. Watches: Engrav. h.c. 15j Elgin pock. watch, Wrist watches.

COINS: Morgan & Peace $’s inc. lots of 20 & 10 etc. & 1897, 33 comm. ster. &.999 silv. ingots, 3 pcs. “U.N. Peace Medal” & “Gerald Ford” etc., Bl. alb. “Type Collec. 20th c...” inc. Barber ½ etc., Alb. of U.S. & foreign, Lot w/3 Morgans & 6.25 face 90% etc., Frank. Mint ster. lst ed. mini. Pres. coin set, Lots of mint & proof sets from 50’s/’60’s & ‘70’s etc., $3.50 Walk. Lib ½’s, Lot w/Silv. Jubilee & U.N. ster. medal etc., 1975 “Partner’s in Space” ster. coin/stamp set, 4 1974-S unc. Ike $1’s & 10 1972’s & others, 148 war time nickels, 37 nickels inc. Buffalo & V’s etc., Lg. lot wheat & steel cents, 90% & 40% silv. coin lots, Eisenhower silv. proof $’s, 35 Indian & 2 Fly. Eagle cents, 4 pc. “Silv. Story”, Lots of 90% & 40% Kenn. ½’s, Estate lots, 16 lg. cents 1822-’26 etc., Linc. cent albums, Buff. & Jeff. nickels albums, Bicentenn. proof sets, 34 Barber & Mercury dimes, Silver certificates, “25 Yrs. Linc. Mem. Cent” album, .900 Constitution $, 20 rolls Buff. & Jeff. nickels, Washington 90% comm. ½ $’s, Tokens & medals, Frank. Mint. “Pres. Mini-Coin Set” etc., Foreign coins & paper money, 4 Canadian cent & nickel albums etc., Unc. Can. coins set 1965 etc. & more, Foreign ster. comm. coins, Bahamas & Virgin Isls. & Panama proof sets etc., Foreign silv. coins etc., Paper curr. inc.: 1778 S.C. 5 shillings & 1863 3¢ frac. curr. etc., 10 & 5 $1 c.u. 1957 bills w/consec. #’s, 4 Bicen. $2 1st day comm. bills, Silver certs. inc. lot of 21 etc. & much more. STAMPS: 2 albums 1971/’72 1st day covers w/11 ster. proof coins, 2 albums comm. 23k lmtd. ed. stamps, 4 pc. Lindberg 1st day cover & Postal ster. medal etc., Lg. lot of Internat’l. stamps inc. sheets & mint sets etc., Lot w/plates etc.

ORIENTAL RUGS: 8’x12’8, Sultanabad wool area rug, Karistan 2’2x9’3, 4’x8’6, Runners 2’7x8’3 & 2’7x5’9. Other rugs: Aubussons w/roses 9’6x13’ & floral 8’x11’2, “Blk. Night” floor cloth.

MODERN FURNITURE: Empire style sleigh bed, 4 bow back chrs., 2 Adirondack lawn chrs. & stools, Uph. parlor chr., Metal Baker’s rack, Sm. maple hutch, Vint. burgundy leather recliner w/ball & claw feet, Maple Queen bed, Pr. pine end tbls., French style dining tbl. w/4 chrs.& 2 leaves, Lg. metal dbl. door cabinet, Pr. 4 dwr. metal file cabinets, Deck lounge chr., Blanket box, Uph. parlor chr., Bureau, Canadian rocker, Fold. iron plant stand, New lounge chr., Dec. pillows, Prison stool, Hutch style computer desk, Fold. card tbl., Fold. screens, Pine end tbls., Caned sides armchr.

MUSICAL: Vint. Motorola tbl. radio, Sheet music “Lindbergh Eagle of U.S.A.”

OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST: Vint. salon chr. w/overhead dryer covert. to lamp, Vint. Philco tv convert. to elec. fireplace, Standing revolv. metal chalk board sign, Vint. Barber’s chr., Vint. “Honest Weight” stand. coin op. scale, 2 ptd. garden armillaries, 40”h. 1994 Camel cig. adv. tin sign, Vic. style verdigris fin. planter, Lg. standing Indian Chief w/feather head dress, Porc. enam. adv. signs inc. “Am. Flyer” & “Lionel” trains etc., Lot w/1948 Packard custom grille/hub caps/bumper pcs. etc., 34” h. ptd. metal weathervane of Gabriel blow. horn, Box cameras, Tin signs inc. “Remington” etc., Metal arrow sign “Beer On Tap”, Vint. toboggan, “Mount. Khakis Wyoming” sign, Newel post, Pointing finger hand, Golf clubs w/Callaway Slazenger etc., Novelty signs, Framed moths inc. “Atlas”, Vint. G.E. refrig. door, “Old Milwaukee” beer sign, Iron fountain mask of Neptune, Iron bird bath, Bowling balls, Owl garden seat etc.

LAMPS: Pr. ant. brass pricket c/sticks w/later added lantern tops, Sgn. Waterford crystal tbl. lamp, Satsuma urn lamp, Lg. alabaster tbl. lamp, Brass “Port” & “Starboard” ship’s lanterns, Mod. hang. leaded style light, Vint. gilt metal floor lamp, Pr. ant. carriage lanterns, 2 Rayos & 1 milk glass shade, Orient. tbl. lamps, Pr. of hd. ptd. Italian tbl. lamps, Box vint. light fixtures, Oil lamp, Mid. cent. light, 3 sm. lamps inc. Georgetown Pottery etc., 2 mod. brass chandeliers.

CLOCKS: Ingraham mahg. elec. dome top shelf clock, Ant. gilt bronze clock w/fig. cherub, Circa. 1875 Japy Freres onyx mantel clock, Wooden clocks inc. French, Vint. mahg. New Haven banjo clock, Cast iron mantel clock.

BOOKS: Ant. wooden tool chest w/multi dwrs. inside & misc. tools, Lot w/Nuttings “Furn. Treasury 2 vols.” & “Cabinet Makers of Am.” etc., Lot w/set of Thackerys Works etc., Lot books & mags. inc. “Antiques”/History/Art etc.

TOOLS: Craftsman:( 10” bandsaw, Prof. table saw, Profess. 6 1/8” jointer/planer, 13” planer, Bench grinder, Scroll saw, Belt sander), Toro snow blower, Delta 16 ½” floor drill press, Push lawn mower, Clamp on vise/anvil, Air compressor w/wheels, Hydraulic car jack, Wheelbarrow, Fold. mod. ramp, 2 box lots w/auger/chisels etc., Sears tank mount. air compressor, Pressure washer, Furn. dolly, Elec. chain saws & branch saw, Tool box w/tools, Cooper’s tool, Seed spreader, Cased drafting set, Box lot of tools, 2 new military Southwind 978-M auto. heaters, Wooden ladder etc.

WEAPONS & MILITARY ETC.: Marlin slide action 22 cal. mod. 32 rifle, Mod. Italian 50 cal. blk. powder only percussion rifle w/patch box, Ithaca mod. 49 .22 cal. rifle, 17 knives inc. “Bone Collec.” BC-819 & new boxed knives etc., Box ant. .45-70 central fire carts., Bowie knife.

NAUTICAL: 2 high end Penn Internat.l. fish. reels mod. 8 & mod. 20, Wall rack w/iron whale tail hooks, 33 ¼” ½ hull of “Vigilant”, Vint. bamboo fly rod, Dome top trunk w/ptd. ship & whale, Two 12” blown glass fish. floats w/rope nets, Ship’s light cig. holder, Mod. Ship’s compass, Brass “Last Call” wall bell, Fish. poles/gaffs etc., Ship’s wheel lighter, 3 pull brass telescope.

CHILDREN’S: Armand Marseille bisq. head “Dream Baby”, Ant. wicker child’s 2 wheel cart, Fold. child’s carpet chr., Wicker child’s chrs., Bentwood snow sled, 5 vint. child’s chrs., Oak child’s porch rocker, “Popcorn” cart bank, Doll’s chrs. & strollers etc., Dolls.

GOLD & SILVER WANTED. Turn your unwanted gold & silver into cash. We are one of the largest, top paying buyers in the State of Maine, for gold, silver & bullion etc. Buying Gold: U.S. & foreign coins, ingots & bars, dental gold, all 10k-14k & 18k gold, class rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, pocket & wrist watches, any broken gold jewelry, platinum etc. Buying Silver: Sterling items any condition, ster. flatware, jewelry, vases, bowls, c/sticks, ingots, bars, rounds, silver eagles etc. Buying coins & paper currency: silver dollars, pre 1964 silv. halves-quarters & dimes.40 years experience buying coins & precious metals. Get our price before selling. Free gold testing. Please call for appointment.

TERMS: Cash or approved check. Dealer’s must have copy of seller’s certificate.We reserve the right to hold merchandise until funds clear. Sizes & descriptions are approx. & subject to error. Everything sold as is, where is. All sales are final. We accept absentee bids prior to the auction with a 20% deposit & bid them competitively. Limited phone bidding available. A buyer’s premium of 15% will be applied to all purchases, payable by the buyer, as part of the purchase price. Central air conditioned Gallery. Ample parking. Catered. Handicapped accessible. Luxurious padded seating. Limited seating. Call Marilyn for seat reservations & availability. We accept Visa, Master Card & Discover Card. For info. about auction items, (near sale ) please call Holly at 207-563-8110.


AUCTIONEER & APPRAISER-LIC. NO. AUC 157 Assistant Auctioneer: Andre Drolet-Lic. #Auc1245

811 U.S. Rt. l, P.O. Box 203, Newcastle, Maine 04553 Auction Gallery 207-563-8110

Fax us at 207-563-6590, E-mail: Auction Zip I.D. #2448

Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Established in Newcastle since 1953

Member of Me.Auctioneer’s Association & Maine Antique Dealer’s Assoc.