Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Under tent at 9:00 a.m. & inside auction at 10:00 a.m.

At Foster’s Auction Gallery, 811 U.S. Rt. 1, Newcastle, Me.

Preview Sat. , Sept. 29, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. & morning of sale 8:00 to 9:45 a.m. Sale to inc. items from homes and estates in: Newcastle, Nobleboro, Boothbay Hrb., Damariscotta & Rockport, Me. etc., together with selected additions. Hope to see you there! Sale to inc.:

GUNS: Desirable German Mauser mod. 1918 Takewehr bolt action “Anti-Tank” rifle w/bi-pod, 13.2 mm cal., approx. 41 lbs., range 1640 feet, note: inoperable chamber drilled, ser.#8562, est. $3,000.00 to $5,000.00; Choice J.P. Sauer & Sohn, mod. “3000 Luxury Grade” 12 ga./243 win. drilling, combo. rifle/shotgun engraved w/deer,fox & ducks, 25” barrels w/Krieghopp fitted leather case & paperwork, ser. #G10177, est. $3,000.00 to $4,000.00; Colt SAA (Custom Gun Shop), 1991 3rd Gen. mod. P 1841 gp, gold plated, 45 cal. six shot revolver w/ 4 ¾” barrel (new in box) w/paperwork & letter from Colt and mother of pearl grips ser. #SA94097, est. $2,500.00 to $3,500.00; Colt SAA 1988 3rd. Gen., mod P29501V, 44-40 cal. six shot revolver, 5 ½” barrel, in box w/paperwork (royal blue finish), ser. #SA72163, est. $2,000.00 to $3,000.00; Colt “Python” 357 mag., polished nickel, six shot revolver, cirac 1978, 4” barrel, ser. #V05957, est. $2,000.00 to $3,000.00; Antique Colt SAA 1st Gen. six shot revolver, 38 Colt cal., 4 ¾” barrel (1889) matching numbers w/letter from Colt, ser. #127378, est. $2,000.00 to $3,000.00; Colt SAA 1988 3rd Gen., model P2950 IV, 44-40 cal., six shot revolver, 5 ½” barrel, in box w/paperwork, in royal blue finish, ser. #SA72177, est. $2,000.00 to $2,500.00; Colt SAA 1988 3rd Gen., model P2851 IV, nickel, 45 cal. six shot revolver, 5 ½” barrel, in box w/paperwork, ser. #SA71654, est. $1,500.00 to $2,000.00; Colt SAA 1988, 3rd Gen., model P2851 IV, nickel, 45 cal., 6 shot revolver, 5 ½” barrel, in box w/paperwork, ser. #SA71817, est. $1,500.00 to $2,000.00; Colt “Delta Elite” mod. 02010, 10 mm, semi-auto. pistol, 5” barrel, in box w/paperwork and black leather holster, ser. #DE23165, est. $600.00 to $800.00; Modern Belgium Browning

Hi-Power 9mm, semi auto. pistol w/original red lined black zip case, 4.75” barrel, ser. #76C97073, est. $500.00 to $700.00; Fabrique National FN Browning Hi-Power, mod. 1935, 9mm, WWII military semi-auto. pistol w/German proof marks by trigger, Tangent sight, extra mag. and black zip case, 4 ¾” barrel, ser. #22322A, est. $400.00 to $700.00; Antigue Winchester model 1894, 25-35 wcf cal., lever action rifle, nickel plated w/Winchester A5 scope, has replaced round/octagonal 26” barrel w/carving, also has extra 26” octagonal barrel, ser. #137237, est. $400.00-$700.00; Smith & Wesson, model 17-6, 22 cal., six shot revolver, 6” barrel w/box and paperwork, unfired, ser. #BDT3486, est. $400.00-600.00; Smith & Wesson, mod. 29-2, 44 mag., six shot revolver, 8 ½” barrel, rubber grip and set of the original wood grips w/brown leather holster, ser. #N601038, est. $400.00 to $600.00; Smith & Wesson mod. 29-2, 44 mag., 6 shot revolver, 8 ½” barrel, rubber grip & set of the original wood grips, w/brown leather holster, ser. #N601038, est. $400.00 to $600.00; Smith & Wesson mod. 629, stainless steel, 44 mag. six shot revolver, 4” barrel, ser. #N868455, est. $300.00 to $500.00; Colt model 1908, 25 cal. hammerless vest pocket, semi-auto. pistol, 2” barrel, ser. #359970, est. $300.00 to $500.00; 1966 Winchester model 70 Magnum, 300 win., bolt action rifle w/Weaver scope, 24” barrel, made 1966, ser. #832061, est. $300.00 to $500.00; Walther model PP, 380 cal., semi-auto. pistol in hard black plastic box, sold by Interarms, with paperwork, 3.8” barrel, ser. #74448A, est. $300.00 to $500.00; Browning model “Citori” 12 ga. over/under engraved shotgun, 28” ribbed barrel, 2 ¾” & 3” shells, ser. #09065, est. $300.00 to $500.00; Ruger, 44 mag., semi-auto. carbine, 18 ½” barrel w/Vlife scope, ser. #102-21721, est. $350.00 to $450.00; Scarce Japanese Arisaka type 99 “Long” military bolt action rifle w/bayonet and scabbard, cal., 31.4” barrel, arsenal mark from Tokyo’s Koi Shikawa, ser. #00832837, est. $200.00 to $400.00; Colt Woodman Match Target mod. “Targetsman”, 22cal. semi-auto. pistol, 6” barrel w/4 mags., ser. #184865-S, est. $250.00 to $400.00; Savage model 1917, 32 cal., semi-auto. pistol w/black leather holster, 3 ¾” barrel, ser. #252223, est. $300.00 to $400.00; Antique Winchester model 1894, 32-40 cal. lever action rifle w/octagonal barrel, 22” barrel, Mfg. 1898 (as is), ser. #168115, est. $300.00 to $400.00; Colt “Mustang” MKIV, series 80, 380 cal. semi-auto. pistol, 2 ¾” barrel, w/black leather holster, no mag., ser. #MU04254, est. $300.00 to $400.00; Mauser pocket, model 1914, 7.65 mm, semi-auto. pistol, 3” barrel, ser. #291830, est. $250.00 to $350.00; Antique Hopkins & Allen, 32 cal. wcf, falling block rifle w/28” octagonal barrel, stock possibly replaced, ser. #5791, est. $250.00 to $350.00; F.N. Belgium Browning model “Baby”, 25/6.35 mm cal., semi-auto. pistol, 2” barrel w/Browning zip case, no mag., ser. #335138S, est. $250.00 to $350.00; Fabrique Nationale Browning WWII military mod. 1910, semi-auto. pistol, 7.65 mm cal., no mag., 3 ½” barrel, ser. #39283, est. $250.00 to $350.00; Modern Ruger “Old Army”, black powder only, 6 shot, 45 cal., 7 ½” barrel revolver, ser. #140-12014, est. $250.00 to $350.00; Browning model “A-Bolt”, 22 cal. bolt action rifle w/Beeman scope, 22” barrel, ser. #05066PR136, est. $200.00 to $300.00; Manurhin, mod. PP, 7.65 mm, made in France, semi-auto pistol w/gold color hammer and trigger, 4” barrel, ser.#29203, est. $200.00 to $300.00; E.A.A. Co. model “Witness” 9mm, semi-auto. pistol w/brown plastic case and booklet, 4.5” barrel, ser. #AE88076, est. $200.00 to $300.00; Winchester model 1400, 12 ga., semi-auto. shotgun w/ribbed 30” barrel, 2 ¾” shells, full choke, ser. #190165, est. $200.00 to $300.00; Ruger Mark II Target, 22 cal. stainless steel, semi-auto pistol, 10” barrel w/box, paperwork, extra grips and two mags. extra, ser. #214-35642, est. $200.00 to $300.00; Sturm Ruger “Black Hawk” 357 cal. six shot revolver, 6 ½” barrel, ser. #68176, est. $150.00 to $250.00, Antique Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Work hammerless, .32 cal., 5 shot revolver w/4” barrel, w/leather holster, Pat. date Dec. 26, 1893, ser. #B38228, est. $100.00 to $200.00; Sturm Ruger mod. Mark I, 22 cal. semi-auto. pistol, 5 ½” barrel w/extra mag, ser. #10-06536, est. $100.00 to $200.00; Llama model 3-A, 380 cal., semi-auto. pistol w/dark brown leather holster, made in Spain, 3.5” barrel, ser. #A03965 est. $100.00 to $200.00; Fabrique Nationale WWII military model 1922, 7.65 cal. semi-auto pistol w/German proof marks, 3.5” barrel, ser. #49410, est. $150.00 to $200.00; Stevens model 94-C, 410 ga. single shot, shotgun, 26” barrel, chambered for 3” shells, ser.# none, est. $100.00 to $200.00; Marlin model “99 Automatic” 22 cal. semi-auto. rifle w/22” micro groove barrel and Marlin micro-vue scope, ser. # none, est. $100.00 to $150.00; Ward Western Field, mod. 60, 20 ga. pump shotgun, 2 ¾” shells, 28” barrel, ser. #SB620-A, est. $100.00 to $150.00; Marlin Model 60, 22 l.r. only cal, semi-auto. rifle w/22” micro groove barrel, ser. #14351333, set. $100.00 to $150.00; Sears & Roebuck Co., USA “Ranger”, 16 ga. model 105-20, bolt action shotgun, 26” barrel, ser. # none, est. $50.00 to $125.00; Percussion cap pistol & old copper shot flask. Other items: Gun cases, 2 ant. iron African spears, 2 Jap. war flags w/signatures inc. silk, Military uniform, Gun cleaning kits, Gun ref. books, Hd. carv. bone/brass Bowie knife, Horn pistol flask, 1876 French m1874 Gras bayonet w/scabbard etc.

EARLY FURNITURE: Hepplewhite roll top desk, Sheraton l dwr. stand, Empire mahg. ped. base d/l tbl., County pine slant lid desk on base, Country boot-jack end bench, Mahg. Empire settee, Ant. “Do More For Your Health” adj. chr., Ladder-back rocker, Tiger maple side chrs., Pr. chrs. w/ship stenc. & cottage, Pine mirror, Empire footstool w/crewelwork.

VICTORIAN FURN.: 8’ Deacon’s bench, “The New Iceberg” ice box, Oak Larkin desk, Oak dbl. door china cab., Vic. walnut cradle, Walnut carv. l dwr. umbrella stand, Vic. 4 dwr. walnut bureau w/carv. pulls, Pr. Q. Anne wing chrs., Marble top bureau w/mirror, Mahg. 2/2 dwr. bureau w/mirror & others, Bentwood lounge w/stool, Sm. walnut glass door cab., Oak 2/2 dwr. bureau w/mirror & Northwind pulls, 3 dwr. bureau w/mirror, Vic. parlor stand, Vic. cherry spoon carv. commode, Walnut rose carv. uph. rocker, Vic. oak side server, Grape carv. chr. w/needlepoint, l dwr. wash stand w/towel bars, Vic. grape carv. walnut uph. Gent’s chr., Pr. flat arm porch rockers,

CUSTOM, VINTAGE ETC.: Mahg. serp. front ball/claw foot slant lid dbl. glass door secretary, Vint. walnut sm. Q. Anne slant lid desk, Mahg. b/claw foot slant lid desk, M. Washington sewing stand, Oak step-back dbl. glass door top cupboard, Mahg. reeded leg china cabinet, Mahg. ball & claw foot w/stand, 2 French style footstools, Mahg. l dwr. canterbury, Mahg. inlaid l dwr. coffee tbl., Mahg. D. Phyfe ped. base l dwr. stand, Vint. pine breakfast nook bench, Mahg. d/l stand, Bun foor stool, Block & turned uph. top stool & others, Lane cedar chest etc. MID CENT.: Lg. swivel armchr., Leather uph. reclining chr. & ottoman by Ekornes “Stressless”, Pr. chrome/leather armchrs, Bentwood bed trays.

ACCESSORIES: Pr. iron dolphin foot/ram’s head andirons w/fig. ladies, 19th c. woven cloth w/house & deer, Ant. brass fire fender, Early iron inc. ladle/peel/broiling racks etc., Carv. & ptd. wooden fish, Mahg. fold. writing desk, Ant. spinning wheel, Ant. fold. crank clothes wringer, Cloisonne vase, Mahg. 13 dwr. apothecary chest, Ant. Tiffany fan, Emboss. brass pail, Orient. lacq. ware inc. shell dish/eye glass case etc., Sgn. Stickley oak bookends, Hd. ptd. dogs, Fancy 46” carv. oval gilt mirror, Hiram Hayden brass pail on fancy iron frame, 2 ½’ h. woven floor basket/vase, Iron handled dog doorstop, Metal chocolate molds, Ant. photos inc. child in uniform/album etc., Baskets inc. ant/ mini. melon/cov. egg/sewing etc., 8 vint. movie window cards/posterd inc. “Abbot & Costello Meet Capt. Kid” etc., Pr. mirrored wall sconces, Buttermold & breadboard, Pewter teapot “Froggatt”, Fire tools & brass ball top andirons, Agate bookends, Lot w/bone fans/card case/malachite letter opener, Iron balance scale, Quilts, Hd. carv. agate Buddha, Icon on wood panel, Oval gold gilt mirror etc., Lot of shoe lasts, Marble trinket box, Ant. lazy susan, Floral tole trays, Brassware, Furkin, Iron ice tongs, Russian hd. ptd. lacq. bxs., Tin & wood knife trays, 162 pc. artists kit w/easel, Old keys & padlocks, Woodenware, Linens, Brass dog bookends, Bakelite dog dec. still bank, Lot of baseball/sports cards, Swift binoculars, Ant. dwr. pulls, Oak shoe shine kit, Inlaid tie presses, X-mas decs. & more. DECOYS: Carv./ptd. decoy bookends, 3 hd. ptd. cork, 8 compo. ducks, 3 cork body sgn. AH Newell & others.

GLASS & CHINA: Blown glass candy cane swirl cane, Fine cut glass stein/ice buckets etc., Bl./wh. Minton china set “Turquoise Cameo”, Royal Doulton figs., Set Ashwork “Chinese Pattern” china w/tureens etc., Sgn. Murano Art glass face vase, Baccart style 4 branch crystal candelabra, Orient. export inc.: (Imari center bowl etc., Satsuma, Canton, Ginger jars etc.), Haviland Limoges dinner plates, Rosenthal floral china set, 2 early blown glass & others, Cut glass water pitcher/candlesticks/vase/sgn.Hawkes pitcher/perfume etc., Pr. lg. cut glass/bronze c/sticks, “Pekin” china inc. pitcher etc., Sarruegimines c/sticks, Ironstone tureen/teapot/platter etc., Fish plates & sauceboat, Paperweights inc. anchor etc., Vases inc. Old Paris etc., 4 lithophane panels, Pr. ant. terra cotta dec. Orient. vases, Wedgwood tureen etc., Yellow ware girl w/dog/7 banded mix. bowls/smokin set w/cannon & soldier, 3 Majolica dog plates, 6 Germ. fish plates, Rockingham frame/fish pitcher etc., Fig. bottle stoppers, Lot w/Nippon/Meissen/Wedgwood/Royal Doulton etc., Delft style bl./wh. vase/lamp sgn. V Duijn, 5 Deco turq. mix. bowls, Limoges & hd. ptd. china, Ironstone & yellow ware molds, Stick sponge bowl, Royal Copenhagen jar & KPM vase, Royal Bay. nappy, Clarice Cliff charger, Decanters inc. Kosta, Pott. “Dog” bowls, Lustre ware pitchers/teapot, 19 ½” fused art glass floral charger, Hummels, Lg. apothecary jars & dome, Tortoise glass bust vase, Fulper vase, Masonic glass, Doulton pitcher, 6 Me. milk bottles in carrier, Kosta glass fish, Quimper pitcher etc., 3 Wedgwood “Woodpecker” pitchers, Blue banded pitchers/mix. bowls/crock etc., Waterford cyrstal golf club head weight & clock, Staff. & transfer china inc. platter/plates etc., Leeds, Mottahedeh teaset, Mid. cent. pottery, Colored glass, Stemware, Mugs inc. scenic/sponge etc., Crock, Stemware, Islamic pott. ewer, Milk glass, Deco china jug, Lots of early Am. pattern glass inc. “Spanish Am. War” pitcher etc., Blk. ameth. glass, Cobalt glass inc. gold dec., Bar items inc. shakers/swizzel sticks/ice buckets etc. Silver overlay glass, Deco china w/chickens & other fine glass & china etc.

PAINTINGS: Ant. o/c sailing ships sgn. B. Turner, Floral w/c’s by Ed Dwyer & Bev. Bevilacqua, E.A.Anderson w/c seaside village & lob. shack, 2 Bill Paxtons “Ducks on the Kenn. River”, Ant. hd. drawn arch. drawings inc. Egyptian/Greek etc., Floral ptgs.

PRINTS: Sgn. Stow Wengenroth print “Descending Skies”, Jean Swan Gordon pencil sgn. floral print, Map L. Irlane/Ireland by Chez Pierre Cander Aa 1659to 1733, Hunt engrav. “The Shooting Party” & others, Series 4 “The First Steeple Chase on Record” 1839, Phot “On Patrol” sgn. Albert Horner, 1863 map. Cal. Territories of N. Mex. & Utah by Johnson, Silhouette of woman & other prints & frames.

STERLING SILVER: Lot w/Georg Jensen ladle/Tiffany bowl etc., Pr. candelabras, 2 pr. c/sticks, Salad fork & spoon etc., Sm. bowl & more. Coin silver: .800 dish, .99 mini. creamer. S.Plated: Tureen etc., Flatware, 5 pc. coffee/teaset, Lg. lot various pcs.

JEWELRY: Gold: 14k engrav. bangle, Floral reticualted gold wedd. band, 14k chain. Sterling: Sgn. Judith Jack marcasite leaf brooch, Vermeil bumble bee & earrings w/blue stones, Garnet brac., l” wide hamm. ster. cuff brac., Rubellite tourmaline ring, Garnet/marcasite cross pend., Multi gemstone cross, Malachite brac., Garnet brac., Amber poison ring, 5 pr. of Indian ster./turq. earrings & Kokopelli neck. Other jewelry: Bone carv. skull neck., Lapis cuff brac., Carv. shell bracs., Stone bracs. inc. tiger eye etc., Lapis ring & neck., 6 genuine stone heart pends., Floral g.f. bangle. Watches: 18k ladys’ h.c. watch by Ryrie Bro., Ladys’ plat. 17j wrist watch w/2 dias., G.F. h.c. Waltham pock. watch w/fancy Vic. slide chain w/pencil, Vint. man’s Jaeger Lecoultre wrist watch.

COINS: 10 90% Kenn. $1/2’s, 450 Buffalo nickels, 30 40% Kenn. $1/2’s, Peace $ etc., 7 crisp unc. 1957 consec. $1 silv. certs. Various albums of Jeff. nickels, Album Linc. cents., 4 albums of tokens/coins.

RUGS: Orientals: Persians: (5’9x8’9, 7’10x10’, 4’6x6’10), 9’x11’4, 3’1x6’1, 5’x7’,2’1x2’10, 2’4x3’11, 4’7x7’3, 4’7x7’, 2’4x4’2, 2’x2’10, 3’11x5’10, 2’9x4’6, 2’11x4’3, 3’2x11’10. Other rugs: Karistans: (2’11x5’1, 2’2x10’6, 2’2x4’, 8’7x12’), Hd. braided scatter rug, Hooked folk art rug.

MODERN FURNITURE: 6 pc. French dining room set w/tbl./4 chrs./sideboard, Hitchcock bed-complete & bureau & mirror, Cherry Penn. House hutch, Maple dining tbl./4 chrs./2 leaves, 2 ped. base pine tbls. w/2 chrs., Mahg. full 4 poster bed, Cherry drop front desk w/4 dwrs., Pine corner cupboard, Blonde mahg. French server, Pr. mahg. l dwr. stands, 4 Hitchcock dining chrs., 3 pine bench made stools, Hitchcock desk/chair, Mahg. 9 dwr. Chipp. bracket base chest, 2 iron patio tbls./2 chrs. & others, 2 Q. Anne armchrs., Sofa, 4 dwr. floral ptd. chest, Chipp. mirror, Patio tbl. & 5 chrs., Marble top French style coffee tbl., Pr. Q.Anne dish top tbls., Uph. ottoman, Red bench, Mahg. carv. wall shelf, Bed steps, Quilt rack, Kitchen Aid mixer, Bookcase, Card tbl., Maple l dwr. stand, 2 dwr. metal file, Vacs.. Lugg. rack, Skis & tennis racqs., Lounge & lawn chrs., .

MUSICAL: Vint. 1988 Vinzl. Rowe Ami Mod. RB-8 Bubbles juke box in work. condition, Bose stereo, Vint. memoribilia inc. sgn. Fats Domino photo/Pic. records w/Roll. Stones/”Help” mags. etc., Cd’s, Eko acoustic class. guitar.

OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST: Restored vint. gas pump “Mobil Gas”, Willy Dog port. hot dog stand, Ant. Fairbanks wooden wheel barrow, Ant. 84” h. wooden column, Ant. store display rack “Campbell Bros.”, Embossed “Farm Fresh Eggs” sign, Flint arrowheads, 1933 Scotty dog lightbulb, 2 ant. telegraphs inc. iron w/stenc. pat. 1884, Bronze/onyx Gabriel sgn. Brett, Porc. enam. “Lionel Trains” sign, 5’ compo. Me. Blk. bear, Elec. garden fountain, “Red Rooster” sign, Cameras inc. Chinon CE-5 camera/Kodak #2-A fold. etc.

LAMPS: Brass tbl. & wall sconces, Brass/lucite floor, Blue “Litt. Supreme” lantern, Pr. mid cent. mod. tbl., Lg. brass lant. “Ocean Railway” #1057 1852, Carv. alabaster tbl., Brass c/sticks, Mahg./brass lamp tbl., Post lantern, Clambroth glass oil, Red lantern, Floral tbl. lamps, Porc. tbl. 6 bull’s eye lantern, Brass/iron floor lamps etc.

CLOCKS: Ant. Ansonia shelf clock, Rosewood grain dec. wall, S. Thomas mantel, Rosewood wall w/abalone dec., Beehive mantel.

BOOKS: 20 1930’s etc. “Life” mags., 1st. ed. Stephen Kings “The Gun Slinger”, Box lots, Hd. done 1906 “Nature Study”, Comics inc. #1 “Vampirella”-“Creepy” etc., Coffee tbl. books inc. Andrew Wyeth.

TOOLS: Air cond., Reliant 10” mini. lathe w/chisels, Alum. & wood step ladders, Walnut/brass level, Fold. step stool, Wooden planes/chisels/level etc., Garden tools.

NAUTICAL: 50” l. vint. pond boat hull & others, Folky ship weathervane, Ant. d/t seachest in old red w/till, Ant. brass telescope, 27” tin compass rose, Mahg. compass w/inlaid compass rose, Lot w/carv./inlaid ships wheel frames/anchor etc., Hd. made fish. net #10 by P. Roy, Brass pot holes, Iron “Mermaids” sign, Ant. red ship’s box w/anchor line.

CHILDREN’S: Ant. paint dec. hooded cradle, Ant. dolls inc. A.M. Germ. bisq. & china heads etc., Vic. rocker, Pond sailboat, Vint. wooden rock. horse, Iron horse drawn “Overland Circus”, Vint. bouncy horse, Marbles inc. lg. blown swirl, Toy guns inc. “Pirate”, “Mighty-Mite” steam toy, Ant. mohair Teddy bear, Ladder-back rocker, Compo. Alexander Dionne Quint. & bisq. Kewpie, Doll’s stroller, 3 ant. sew. machs. inc. Singer, Ho train.

BOAT & SLEIGH: 8’ dinghy w/sail & 3 h.p. Mercury outboard, Ant. horse drawn sleigh.

SPORTS: Banchi mtn. bike, Snowshoes, Bike racks, Schwinn ladies bike.

TERMS: Cash or approved check. Dealer’s must have copy of seller’s certificate.We reserve the right to hold merchandise until funds clear. Sizes & descriptions are approx. & subject to error. Everything sold as is, where is. All sales are final. We accept absentee bids prior to the auction with a 20% deposit & bid them competitively. Limited phone bidding available. A buyer’s premium of 15% will be applied to all purchases, payable by the buyer, as part of the purchase price. Central air conditioned Gallery. Ample parking. Catered. Handicapped accessible. Luxurious padded seating. Limited seating. Call Marilyn for seat reservations & availability. We accept Visa, Master Card & Discover Card. For info. about auction items, (near sale ) please call Holly at 207-563-8110.



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